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Season 1 - City Of Victory


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Ithihasa India History Podcast
An Indic history podcast that explores different eras and periods of the vast expanse of India's unique history.

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Narendra Vikram

An Indian, who happens to be a Techie and a self taught history student. I love exploring geopolitics, world history, rise & fall of civilizations.

Over years, I have enjoyed learning about our past and realized that Humanity as such has a very volatile memory. One of the reasons why we as species keep making the same mistakes over last few thousand years.

The same wars are being fought with new twists and we keep digging at times a hole for ourselves in the same way as our ancestors did.

Why is it so difficult to remember the past? Or is it that we don't pay enough attention to it as it doesn't help pay our bills and serves of no utilitarian purpose?

Whatever the reasons, the past doesn't seem to forget us and keeps haunting many cultures, societies and nations even today.

This aspect fascinates me and this is an humble attempt to just share what I learnt and if needed re-learn it.

Disclaimer: No moral sermons will be given from a high horse.